Posted on: Sep 9th, 2015

Three new papers by the Gender Asset Gap Project, funded through UNWomen, are now available:

Shocks, assets and social protection: A gendered analysis of Ecuador, Ghana, and Karnataka, India.  By Cheryl Doss, Abena D. Oduro, Carmen Diana Deere, Hema Swaminathan, William Baah-Boateng, and Suchitra J.Y. 

Posted on: Mar 12th, 2015

The Gender Asset Gap Project will be holding a workshop on collecting and analyzing sex-disaggregated data, July 15 from 9-12:30 in Berlin. This is the day before the annual meetings of the International Association for Feminist Economics (IAFFE). Please see the attached announcement and registration form here for more information.

Posted on: Mar 6th, 2015

The Gender Asset Gap Project has launched our new social media page. We hope to create an open forum for dialogue on gender issues related to the ownership and control of land and other assets. This includes discussion of collecting and analyzing sex-disaggregated data on asset ownership and control. We encourage you to post about your experiences, like the page and share it with your colleagues.

Posted on: Dec 7th, 2014

Carmen Diana Deere was a featured speaker on the panel on gender and agricultural statistics at the 15th Latin American Regional Conference on Gender and Statistics, held in Aguascalientes, Mexico, November 5-8, 2014.

Posted on: Sep 5th, 2014

Carmen Diana Deere, an invited professor at the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO Ecuador) this spring, presented a public lecture series, entitled Gender, Asset Accumulation and Women’s Empowerment, at FLACSO during April and May 2014. The series was co-sponsored by the Ecuadorian government’s women’s office (recently renamed the Council for Gender Equality) and UN Women’s Andean office. Each of the five lectures was attended by over 100 people.

Posted on: Jan 28th, 2014

Are you involved with: Research on women and land or assets? Designing or analyzing household surveys? An advocacy organization working on women’s property rights?

The Gender Asset Gap Project invites you to participate in a Workshop on Collecting and Analyzing Sex Disaggregated Asset Data at the University of Ghana, Accra, Ghana, June 26, 2014.

Topics include: Calculating the gender asset gap, which assets to include, how to collect asset value data, minimum questions required, and who to interview. 

Posted on: Dec 3rd, 2013

Carmen Diana Deere was an invited panelist at the NSF’s Gender Summit 3-North America held in Washington DC, November 13-15, 2013. She presented the results of the project’s new research brief on women landowners’ participation in agricultural decision-making on a panel on Food Security (the presentation can be found on the Key Findings page). The theme of the conference was “Diversity Fueling Excellence in Research and Innovation” and was co-sponsored by the National Science & Engineering Research Council of Canada and the Mexica

Posted on: Oct 21st, 2013

Carmen Diana Deere was a featured panelist at the 12th UN Regional Conference on Women in Latin America and the Caribbean. The conference was held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, on October 15-18, 2013. Her presentation, entitled “Género y la acumulación de activos en el Ecuador: Relación con el poder de negociación de la mujer”, focused on the results of the Ecuador study on the relationship between women’s share of couple wealth and household decision-making, as well as with respect to intimate partner violence.

Posted on: Jun 13th, 2013

The Gender Asset Gap Project has become involved with the UN's Evidence and Data for Gender Equality (EDGE) project. The EDGE project will be piloting individual asset ownership modules in nationally representative household surveys in a number of countries over the next few years. EDGE is drawing heavily on the expertise and experience of the Gender Asset Gap Project in designing and implementing individual-level asset surveys.  

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