Gender, Asset Accumulation and Women’s Empowerment

Carmen Diana Deere, an invited professor at the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO Ecuador) this spring, presented a public lecture series, entitled Gender, Asset Accumulation and Women’s Empowerment, at FLACSO during April and May 2014. The series was co-sponsored by the Ecuadorian government’s women’s office (recently renamed the Council for Gender Equality) and UN Women’s Andean office. Each of the five lectures was attended by over 100 people. To encourage participation by women staffing gender offices in the government ministries, FLACSO offered a certificate of participation if participants attended all five public lectures. Since this is recognized as a form of professional development, over 60 persons signed up for this certificate; 31 completed the requirements.

Drawing on the data and analyses generated by the Gender Asset Gap project, the lecture topics were as follows:

  • Women’s property rights and the accumulation of assets: A comparative perspective on Ecuador, Ghana and India.
  • Asset ownership and women’s bargaining power in household and farm decision-making in Ecuador.
  • Asset ownership and women’s bargaining power with respect to intimate partner violence in Ecuador.
  • International migration and remittances in Ecuador: Who is able to accumulate assets?
  • A gendered analysis of asset accumulation through savings and access to credit in Ecuador.

Presentations from the conference (in Spanish) can be found below:

Presentation 1:Derechos de propiedad de las mujeres y la acumulación de activos: una perspectiva comparativa entre Ecuador, Ghana y India

Presentation 2: Activos y poder de negociación de la mujer en la toma de decisiones en el hogar y en la finca en el Ecuador

Presentation 3:Activos y el poder de negociación de la mujer en cuanto la violencia de pareja en el Ecuador

Presentation 4:Migración internacional y remesas en el Ecuador: ¿quién puede acumular activos?