The data collection included two phases: qualitative field work and a household assets survey. In the qualitative phase, the primary methodology was Focus Group Discussions (FGDs), complemented by interviews with key informants and a compilation of the secondary literature. The focus groups focused on four themes: the accumulation of assets over the life cycle; the importance of assets; the market for assets; and household decision-making over asset acquisition and use.The quantitative phase of the study involved the planning and execution of household surveys. Data was collected on all physical and financial assets of households along with ownership information. The assets covered include housing, agricultural land, livestock, agricultural implements, non-farm economic activities and associated assets, consumer durables and financial assets. We also have data on household demographics, livelihoods, awareness of inheritance laws, recent shocks and coping strategies, decision-making and consumption expenditure. We interviewed two people within a household (the principal couple, whenever possible).