15th Latin American Regional Conference on Gender and Statistics

Carmen Diana Deere was a featured speaker on the panel on gender and agricultural statistics at the 15th Latin American Regional Conference on Gender and Statistics, held in Aguascalientes, Mexico, November 5-8, 2014. Her presentation was entitled: “Myths regarding Women in Agriculture: or why it is necessary to improve data on land ownership and farm decision-making.” Drawing on the gender asset project data for Ecuador, she argued that the agricultural census data on landholders by sex probably captures the participation of female household heads relatively well, but ignores the participation of wives who are landowners and involved in agricultural-decisions either as sole or joint managers of family farms. She also showed how husbands’ and wives’ perceptions of women’s participation in agricultural decision-making often differs, and moreover, how different factors are associated with the perceptions of each. Men’s perception of their wives participation in decision-making seems to be heavily influenced by the female economic autonomy variables (women’s share of couple wealth, and whether the woman engages in off-farm income generating activities).