Advocacy Material


Women’s Property Rights: What We Need to Know summarizes the main results of the Ecuador survey in a format useful for women’s and mixed-sex organizations. It gives particular emphasis to explaining married women’s property rights in Ecuador and illustrates how these are sometimes disregarded, to women’s disadvantage. (Spanish Version

Derechos Patrimoniales de la Mujer, Guía para su Ejercisio is aimed at legal professionals. It reviews the main aspects of marital property and inheritance law in Ecuador, and presents the survey data on men’s and women’s legal literacy. It documents the ways that married women’s property rights are sometimes violated.

Rights Under Inheritance and Succession Laws and Rights Relating to Marriage and Property presents the salient features of the succession and inheritance laws under the Hindu, Muslim and Christian personal laws, with specific focus on women's rights to inheritance in each.

Situation Analysis of the Intestate Succession and Property Rights of Spouses Legislation in Ghana presents the highlights of the Intestate Succession and Property Rights of Spouses bills. It provides information on what a person must do to benefit from the provisions of these bills once they are enacted.